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About Us

Basic Policy

Through the Systems and Structural Biology Center (SSBC), RIKEN aims to build a bridge between life science and material science, to expand the logical design of biomolecular mechanisms and to increase predictability in life science. By first understanding life as a group of many biomolecular systems, and then elucidating the mechanisms of interactions between the elements of the system at the structural level, it will become possible to understand the mechanisms of biomolecular systems supporting the very core of life, a core that is based on the material laws governing proteins, nucleic acids, lipids, and other molecules. Only after comprehending these factors will it be possible to understand life itself. We intend to develop novel technologies that will allow system functions to be reconstructed in vitro, in an effort to reproduce biomolecular systems. Furthermore, we intend to create proteins and nucleic acids with novel functions, and to use them to develop powerful techniques of great benefit to life science research that can be converted into various industrial applications. We also aim to contribute to the improvement of health and the environment by fabricating medical supplies for treating various diseases, developing methods of medical treatment, diagnosis, and disease prevention, and developing food with special functions.

Basic Research Principles