[April 2013 organizational change]
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Research Teams


Systems and Structural Biology Research Team

Crystallographic Biology Research Team

Human Translation System Research Team

Crystallographic Drug Discovery Platform Unit

Director, Team Leader, Unit Leader
Shigeyuki Yokoyama, Ph.D.

Shigeyuki Yokoyama, Ph.D.

NMR Pipeline Methodology Research Team

NMR-based Drug Discovery Platform Unit

Takanori Kigawa, Ph.D. Director, Team Leader, Unit Leader
Takanori Kigawa, Ph.D.

RNA Biology Research Team

Yutaka Muto, Ph.D.Team Leader
Yutaka Muto, Ph.D.

Expanded Genetic Code System Research Team

Kensaku Sakamoto, Ph.D.Team Leader
Kensaku Sakamoto, Ph.D.

Nucleic Acid Synthetic Biology Research Team

Hirao, Ph.D.Team Leader
Ichiro Hirao, Ph.D.

Applied Biology Research Team

Drug Discovery Computational Chemistry Platform Unit

Akiko Tanaka, Ph.D.Team Leader, Unit Leader
Akiko Tanaka, Ph.D.

Structure Based Drug Design Research Team

Drug Discovery Computational Chemistry Platform Unit

Teruki Honma,Ph.D., Ph.D.Team Leader, Unit Leader
Teruki Honma, Ph.D.

NMR Spectroscopy Research Team

Toshio Yamazaki, Ph.D.Team Leader
Toshio Yamazaki, Ph.D.

NMR Technology Research Team

NMR Core Technology Facility

Hideaki Maeda, Ph.D.Director, Team Leader
Hideaki Maeda, Ph.D.

NMR Pipeline Application Research Team

Fumiaki Hayashi, Ph.D.Team Leader
Fumiaki Hayashi, Ph.D.