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NMR Pipeline Research

The NMR facility at the RIKEN Yokohama Institute boasts 40 high performance NMR devices used for analyses of protein structure and function, the largest collection of its kind in the world. Using this facility, our researchers successfully carried out NMR analyses of over 300 proteins per year, during the National Project on Protein Structural and Functional Analyses (the “Protein 3000EProject).

Furthermore, based on the analytic know-how obtained to date, we constructed the “NMR Structural Analysis PipelineE The pipeline is consists of (i) determination of the suitability of a protein sample for NMR analysis, (ii) preparation of the protein sample labeled with a stable isotopes, (iii) measurement of multidimensional NMR data, (iv) determination of protein structure based on measurement data, and (v) analysis of interactions.

We hope to contribute to the development of life science research in Japan by further upgrading this seamless NMR analysis pipeline (from protein sample preparation, to NMR measurement, structural analysis, and analysis of interactions), and then by providing this cutting-edge, fundamental technology to life science researchers in RIKEN and a wide range of other institutions.